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Verified Professionals

Everything is verified

During the professionals onboarding process we very stricktly go after their verification. This boosts the community confidence among the users while they hire them.

Why verification

Safety of our customers

Improve the quality and trust

Deal with the compliances

What is verified

Company Regsitration

Company PAN Card

Company Address

Directors ID Proof

Tax Details


Email Id

Phone Numbers



You can always go by our verification. We take the pain of getting every details possible, so that you don't have to worry about it.
You can ask us for it, we will share the verification details with you.
For the data that can change frequently we ask professionals to update it as and when it changes. However, until the verification is not complete, it is marked as not verified.

Cleaning Services

Painting Services

Pest Control Services

Interior Design Services

Kitchen Appliance

Other Services