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Connect & Earn

Good connections always pays off

Do you know some quality service providers whom you can really trust? If yes! connect them to us and you get flat 20% commission from us on whatever profit we make from their sale for one complete year.

How it works

Introduce us to your service providers

It's easy - all you have to do is set up a meeting

They gets a service booking

Anyone on the platform books their service

You earn the reward

Get rewards for every booking they get


Sign up for the Truneto Connect and Earn program. You can refer your service providers by entering their basic details. We really appreciate if you can schedule a meeting with them.
Yes! you will be paid 20% of the profit we make from the deal. Let's say your service provider get a service booking worth INR 20,000 and assume we make INR 1,000 from it. You will be paid 20% of it i.e. INR 200.
Yes. You'll need to create a Truneto account if you don't already have one. Then, log in to the Truneto website and visit the Connect and Earn page. Use the “View status of my service providers” feature for tracking.
No, you are eligible for referral credit only if the service provider do not exist in the databases of Truneto. Truneto shall solely determine if a referred service provider is new and eligible.

No, there is no limitation on minimum purchase for this program.

Terms & Conditions

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