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Certified Professionals

What is a professional certification

Professional certification can be found in almost every industry today. There are voluntary and/or mandatory certification. We try to show you what kind of certifications the professionals have acquired.

Why certified professionals

They are trained and skilled

They shows professional competency

They can be trsuted for quality

Professional Licenses

Some services require addiotional licenses from government. This is to ensure the safety and professioanl conduct required for proving the service.


No! this is definitely not mandatory. But having a professional certificate is definitely advantageous.
There are different kind of certifications for different industry. For interior painting Asian Paint provide certifications at various levels. Similarly there are other companies who provide certifications for different services or skills.
A license is mandatory and enforced by government to provide certain services. However, a certification is not mandatory, its totally optional.

Cleaning Services

Painting Services

Pest Control Services

Interior Design Services

Kitchen Appliance

Other Services