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Kitchen Chimney Repair and Services in Bangalore

Chimney's have become none other than a part of every kitchen. These chimney's are of different types and needs a good maintenance, Cleaning & Servicing to keep running the kitchen & chimney smoothly. Kitchen chimney's are useful to absorb the smoke and oil emitted while cooking and serves as a smoke guard to every household. Choosing a correct chimney for a correct kitchen depends on the type of food we cook in the kitchen. People always make this mistake of choosing a random chimney available in the market without having an idea of choosing a correct chimney that is compatible to their kitchen. Hence, Repairs & services becomes an hassle to them. Kitchen chimney cleaning is a regular process and is done in regular intervals to maintain the longevity of the product and make it run smoothly. Chimney cleaning needs professional chimney cleaners who clean and service your chimney on regular basis. We here at Truneto choose to simplify life and hence we tied up with the most reliable and trusted Kitchen Chimney Repairs and services in Bangalore and taken an initiative to provide you with experts and professionals to your doorstep. You never need to worry when we are here to provide you a stress free experience with our customer priority services.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney

Wall Mounted Chimney

Wall mounted kitchen chimney is fixed to the wall and useful for the kitchen’s where hob’s are also fixed to the wall.


Source: geappliances

Island Chimney

Island kitchen chimney is a hanging setup chimney and placed in the center of the kitchen. This kind of chimney is useful when hob is located in center part of the kitchen.

island-chimney-truneto.pngSource: i.pinimg

Built-in Chimney

Built-in kitchen chimney is fixed within a furniture setup of the kitchen and looks great with kitchen’s where hob’s are located on the side wall of the kitchen.

builtin-chimney-truneto.pngSource: Kaff

Corner Chimney

The name itself tells that corner kitchen chimney’s are used where the hob is located in the corner of the kitchen.

Corner-chimney-truneto.pngSource: Prlog

Kitchen Chimney Installation In Bangalore:

Kitchen chimney’s when purchased the installation of the chimney becomes a big hassle and when not fixed in a correct form serves no purpose to your kitchen. A kitchen chimney should be a perfect partner to the kitchen where it is installed. We provide professional chimney installation experts in bangalore who have given the excellence in this field. Whether it might be a wall mounted or island one our professionals are ready to fix it in a way it becomes compatible to the kitchen. You can totally rely and trust on our professionals as they provide you with the best setup in the market.


Types Of Filters In Kitchen Chimney:

Cassette filter

Cassette filter is a fine aluminium mesh or grill soaking all the oil and smoke emitted from your kitchen. This kind of filter needs to clean at least once in a week or else the small holes in the mesh get’s blocked and the kitchen chimney stops working. Cassette filter chimneys doesn't work well for Indian kitchens.

Baffle filter

Baffle filter has wide gapping in between the grills and soak oil and smoke emitted from the kitchen. This type of filter is mostly recommended and useful for Indian kitchen with masala foods and oil it goes really well. It needs a very less maintenance and needs cleaning and maintenance once in every three months.

Carbon filter

The Carbon filter contains charcoal filter and soaks well on all kinds of kitchen. The suction power of the carbon filter gets low because the holes get blocked. This type of filter needs maintenance and cleaning once in every six months.

Kitchen Chimney Cleaning In Bangalore:

Maintenance of chimneys is a high task and we know it is not possible to markup in a To-do list as we know some chimney’s need servicing and cleaning every month depend on the type of food cooked in the kitchen. It’s very important to clean and maintain the chimney in order to smooth running of the kitchen chimney. We provide maintenance and cleaning on perfect schedules. Once our professionals visit the site and inspect the kitchen chimney they provide cleaning cycle list so that we remind you about the servicing of the chimney on regular intervals. Hence, you can be rest assured and relaxed and we will provide you with cleaning and servicing on regular intervals.


Kitchen Chimney Repairs In Bangalore:

Sometimes due to late servicing or not cleaning the kitchen chimneys can get back to you by creating problems of parts and fittings. We provide you best professionals in the city of Bangalore so that your chimney works well and it never becomes a problem with doorstep repairs and services. They give you the right kind of information on your queries and let’s you know about the problematic part and how to overcome it. We have only verified and authorised service providers with us and we are assured that the customer support will always backup with you on any situation.

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