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8 Easy Steps To Calculate The Total Paintable Area

Tackling a home painting project? If you are looking to paint your house and you are doing it for the first time, then interior & exterior painting of your house can be tricky to determine how much paint you need. So before you go to the paint store and buy a random amount of paint, follow these easy steps mentioned below and you will know your total paintable area (assume your room has 2 doors and 2 windows and is 10x15 ft. room with an 8-foot ceiling for this example ):

Source: www.performove.com

1. Calculate the total distance around the room as this equation (10 ft. + 15 ft.) x 2 = 50 ft.

2. Now multiply the total distance around the room with the ceiling height to get the total wall area, that will be: 50 ft. x 8 ft. = 400 sq. ft.

3. Usually, doors are 21 sq. ft. (2 doors in this example): 21 sq. ft. x 2 = 42 sq. ft.

4. Average windows are about 15 sq. ft. (2 in this example): 15 sq. ft. x 2 = 30 sq. ft.

5. Now subtract the total distance around the room with the area of the windows and doors: 400 sq. ft. – 42 sq. ft. – 30 sq. ft. = 328 sq. ft.

6. It is a rule of thumb that a gallon of good quality paint will cover 400 sq. ft. and in this example, we need to cover 328 sq. ft. So one gallon of good paint will give one coat of paint on the walls. (bright colors might need 2 coats of paint)

7. Now for the ceiling using the same rule of thumb, we can calculate the total area of the ceiling by multiply the length by width: 10 ft. x 15 ft. = 150 sq. ft. (the ceiling will require approximately 2 quarts of paint)

8. We have already calculated the area of doors and windows above and we can determine that we will need a quart of paint to cover all the edges, doors and windows.

You can insert your room’s measurements instead of the values mentioned above and calculate with the same equations. Just add all the total areas of the rooms and you will get the total area to be painted in your house.

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